What's included?

Ideal for those who hate ‘diets’ and are ready to embark on a new weight loss journey. From as little as 7 days, I can change your attitude, reduce your cravings and empower a slimmer healthier you.

  • SIX short video sessions to guide and encourage you

  • THREE hypnosis audios for weight loss

  • Weekly email support

  • 30 days access to your programme portal

  • Lifetime access to my private support group

  • Free 1-1 with Nutritional Therapist

  • Exclusive offers for further weight loss support

Stop Struggling and Start Slimming today

SAVE £50 - limited time only, just £49. For ultimate success, I advise you do things step by step across 7 days if possible, however you have 30 days access to this course as we know life is unpredictable! Each video session is between 10-15 minutes so can fit these in around your schedule.

  • 1

    Weight Loss using HYPNOSIS not dieting

    • Harness your subconscious to power up your weight loss - here is how

    • All about Tammy

    • Stop Dieting Forever and why I HATE diets

    • Your relaxing Hypnosis Audio

    • Nutrition and Food Hacks

    • The power and confidence of saying NO

    • The role of exercise - fall in love with the benefit of gentle movement

    • Water. Water. Water

    • The importance of sleep in weight loss

    • BONUS Audio : Lose sugar cravings FOREVER

    • Your Exclusive Invite

Is this you?

  • You’ve tried every single “diet” out there, lose a bit of weight, then put it back on again (and more) when you start eating “normally”

  • You’re desperate to eat the food you love, and are fed up with trying to find alternatives that don't taste as good

  • You’ve spent a fortune on special ingredients, recipe books, gym memberships and after a couple of weeks lose motivation

  • Even if you stick to the plan you're on, you find yourself thinking about food after a couple of hours and end up choosing the wrong foods

  • You’ve lost confidence in how you look, and hide under baggy jumpers and cardigans

  • Your general wellbeing is suffering and you want to find something that works for you and feel physically and mentally better

The result?

  • Struggle and Frustration

  • Disappointment - The feeling of failure

  • Eating the “wrong” foods to compensate and make yourself feel better

  • A sense of not recognising the woman in the mirror

  • A feeling of sadness for the person you used to be that weaves itself into every aspect of your life

  • Putting on more pounds

From Struggling to Slim by Tara Hills Therapy Centre

In this unique weight loss programme you will benefit from the same process that I offer with my 1-1 RTT clients. Including two hypnosis audios and a bonus audio for ever-lasting results.

Transformational Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Founder - Tammy Parnell

I am convinced that diets don't work, and we’ve been sold a lie. What really drives us to overeat are feelings and diets don't stop those feelings. My aim with my new infiniti courses is to bring the power and magic of Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy to have participants go from hating their bodies to loving them in rapid time. When you love your body, you feel sexy and sassy and you want to treat it well with the right food and movement to feel good. The pounds drop off easily and you never need to be hungry when you make the right food choices for your body. I’m a former lawyer turned Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy Therapist and I’m having stunning results with this method of hypnosis and mindset focus approach to weight reduction with my clients. My life as a busy mum of teenagers means I have no time or inclination to deprive myself or others of life rich in amazing food and drink. My health journey as a breast cancer survivor taught me that the choices we make each day really matter to our own health and wellness. My ethos is that life is for enjoying ourselves, and I am committed to creating confidence, through a journey to shapely, healthy, amazing bodies.

Free 1-1 with Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach

Louise Howlett

Louise is a Registered Nutritionist and ILM Certified Wellbeing Coach. She has been on her own journey with IBS, as was an overweight, overly busy, stressed businesswoman and Mum for many years. She has completely overhauled her diet and lifestyle and can support people struggling with all levels of fatigue, chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, thyroid problems, low blood sugar, stress related conditions, IBS as well as concerns with weight and general ‘21st Century malaise’. Anyone that enrols in Stop Struggling and Start Slimming programme receives an optional 30 minute free 1-1 consultation with Louise to help you succeed in your individual journey.

Your course experience

How does it all work?

When you sign up to “From Struggling to Slim Weight Loss Programme” you will get instant access to your course dashboard, where you can see all your weight loss content. You will also receive instant access to Infiniti Private Facebook Group. This is a safe place where all you likeminded people can “meet”, chat and support each other. As with any new journey, it’s as much about the conversations and support, as it is about the actual knowledge itself. Your new Holistic Body Journal from Valenson, will be shipped within 48 hours of you signing up to the course.

Unlike other courses...

...or dreaded 'DIETS' that expect you to weigh yourself on a certain day of the week, calories count and constantly worry about the scales. From Struggling to Slim is a perfect way to start working on re-programming your mind to eat the right foods, lose the cravings and successfully lose the weight you want to. It's time to love what you see in the mirror again. Long term, permanent weight loss is available to everyone. Of course it won’t happen if you simply carry on doing what you have always done. It happens when you make some changes to your behaviour. To make those changes, you simply need to be open to looking at things in a new way.

Release those boundaries NOW

Are you ready to discover the SUCCESSFUL and HEALTHY way of dropping those pounds? EASILY change your eating habits and love how you look and feel again?