Heather's Weight Loss Story

20th April 2021

Many moons ago I was slim and happy with myself and my body. I then experienced a divorce which hit me for six and I lost confidence in myself for reasons anyone who has been there will understand. I threw myself into my kids and neglected myself. I didn’t care if I ate three packets of crisps with my bottle of wine of an evening and, hey ho, I gradually put on weight. I then started to go to the supermarket with no makeup. Crazy sentence to many but for me it was a big thing. I still didn’t care really as my mindset was you are not worth it and who cares anyway. One day I managed to find some confidence to start eating healthy and join a gym. That worked so well until this pesky lockdown and I regressed. 

We all have the power to pick ourselves up out of the rut we find ourselves in (don’t ever beat yourself up about it, we can all be there) however sometimes we need that extra bit of help. 

I know the girls at Infiniti can give you that extra ‘bit’.  If you have or are experiencing even 1% of my experience, do reach out. Your whole life can literally change with the right mindset and, believe me, we all have the ability to be in that mindset.

Dieting Won't Work

16th April 2021

Why is it that we ladies keep on doing something that we know won’t work?  When will we learn that dieting simply isn't the way to create an amazing body that we love.  Diets are where we decide to restrict ourselves, to deny ourselves the treats and yummy things that other people are eating. We start the day with great intentions, and maybe we can last a day, maybe not before we are opening a third bag or crisps or munching the whole packet of Jaffa Cakes and hiding the box.  Or we go out for a run or off to the gym but the weight won’t shift, and we’re hungrier than ever, and we are frustrated and depressed.  It's a vicious cycle and it's not pleasant when we’re caught in it.  The weight might come off after a while, but then it all piles back on and more! 

So what is the answer to this?  Well, when you consider that all of our choices and actions come at the source from our thoughts and feelings, including the feeling of being hungry or empty, or low energy.  We are always eating from our emotions. You need to know that our brains aren't wired to cope with lack of something or losing something.  Losing something is deeply connected with pain, painful feelings or emotions.  So as soon as you tell your brain that you want to lose something even if it is losing weight, there is a push back and your brain won’t comfortably allow you to do that and you find yourself obsessing about chocolate or biscuits, just because your subconscious mind is saying no, and not allowing you to lose or have the possibility of a painful experience.  

Combine that with the physical feelings of being hungry and the emotional feelings of losing out on energy, nourishment and love, and you can see why your subconscious gives you a strong message not to go in that direction. 

So, if you want to have a better body, instead of going on a diet, instead tell yourself that you choose to be healthier, or that you want to fit into some particular trousers, or you choose to be slender.  

And when you look in the fridge next time, notice how much easier it is to choose healthier food.  Say to yourself, I could have that chocolate biscuit, and right now I choose something else.  And the power that food has over you starts to subside.  Notice when you are attracted to unhealthy food, and instead of feeling bad, notice the attraction feeling, and pause, have a glass of water perhaps, and give yourself some space.  See if the craving falls away.  

The phrase “I choose..” becomes really helpful and allows a vision to come into your mind of you with the body you will have by making a healthier choice right now. 

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